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CryptoPoops are adorable mischievous NFTs generated live at the time of minting on the Ethereum blockchain! They come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re the kind of Poops you want to have around 😘

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Your very own CryptoPoops are programmatically generated with unique traits and backstory by the Ethereum smart contract, at the exact time you mint them. Those traits are stored in the ERC721 token itself, not a hosted file. Then they come to life in a 1080x1080 pixel image, and are stored on IPFS and pinned, so they’ll last as long as Ethereum does. Even if our servers go to shit.

Your CryptoPoops are unique, carefully crafted from more than 50 properties and millions of combinations. Many of them live lives of action and mystery, as you’ll learn from the stories embedded in their NFTs.


There will be a limited supply of 6,006 CryptoPoops in existence (Get it!? Type that into your TI-83 and turn it upside down). The pricing for earlier CryptoPoops will be lower to reward early adopters, but we’re keeping the ramp quite low compared to other projects. We want these CryptoPoops to fling far and wide, becoming the fertilizer from which a thousand fun ecosystem projects bloom. Ok, we’re not great at analogies.





Millions of Combinations

Every CryptoPoop has a story…

This smoky little guy was birthed in Bulgaria but now persists covered by leaves in a forest.

More Stories!

Legendary 1-of-1's

In addition to what’s randomly generated, we are painstakingly crafting some of the finest shit you’ve ever seen. We will be auctioning off some of these premium poops, and hope that they find loving homes where they are cherished! Others will be randomly awarded to anyone who owns a CryptoPoop at the time of the giveaway (which shall remain a mystery for now... Our Discord is where news will always drop first, so join now!)

Enthusiastic, helpful early supporters might even find one on their doorstep...

The “Big Dump”

When you mint your very own CryptoPoops, they’ll be a mystery! They’ll have a number, they’ll be cozy in your wallet, and their traits will be stored forever in the blockchain. But they won’t reveal themselves just yet. They’ll have a mystery image at first, and even we, the developers, won’t know ahead of time what they’ll be! We’ll all find out together at The Big Reveal.

When is The Big Reveal? Exact timing will depend on how on fire the servers are in our paper bags. We’ll publicize the time well in advance in the Discord, so that everyone can find out together. (Have we mentioned the Discord? There’s a Discord! The Discord will always know things first. It’s the plumbing through which all knowledge flows - and some giveaways flow there too!)

About us

We are but simple folk; a Shitty Avengers, assembling when needed. We saw that people were shitting on NFTs and, in that moment, we knew what we must do.

Most importantly, CryptoPoops wouldn’t exist without the help of our amazing friends and supporters, and entire crypto communities, which have been so welcoming as we learned.

Our Team

Friends of the Poops

Are CryptoPoops a good investment?

First, say that out loud :) We imagine you'll find yourself reminded that the value of NFTs is pretty subjective, and sometimes things unexpectedly go to shit! So you shouldn't be spending money you'll need for real life tissue paper.

That said, crypto art and collectibles mean different things to different people, so you'll need to use your own judgment. We really love these things, and we think you will too.

Ok... is this for real though?

They’re real and they’re spectacular. We won’t be able to hold them in for much longer...

What can I do with my CryptoPoops?

You own your CryptoPoops, so you can do whatever you like with them! You might show them off in your profile on Showtime, resell them on OpenSea, or go nuts and wrap them in ERC-20s to use in DeFi (If you don’t know what that means, that’s fine! It’s possible that many experiences can happen for different interests).

We’re launching with the ability for developers to build games, gambling, alternate universes, you name it. We don’t know what people will build, but we’re excited to find out.

What makes CryptoPoops different?

Besides being the shittiest NFTs on the market, CryptoPoops are made for fun! And that probably means experiences we’d never think of.

Third-party developers can integrate deeply with our smart contract to mint, burn, and mutate your CryptoPoops on your behalf (with your consent, of course). This makes for interesting market dynamics and exciting possibilities for a... “Poopiverse”? Hm.

I’m a developer… can I build cool shit?

The way we're building the smart contract means that the community can build on top of CryptoPoops in cool new ways. Not just inserting our NFTs into their DApps either: if you’re a developer, we’ll even be able to delegate to you the original mint and burn mechanics themselves, or allow you to mutate their DNA.

What does this mean? An unprecedented level of apps & economic games. What does that mean? Well shit, we don’t know yet! That’s what’s so interesting. No one - including the developers - know where this “shitty-conomy” will go. But we expect exciting market dynamics will emerge as people build. Here some ideas we expect might be built:

  • Burn two commons to get a new more-rare at random (lowering supply)
  • Supply cap? “Reroll” your pile of poo using the exact same minting code
  • Gamble in international waters where losing burns your CryptoPoops, but winning mints brand new ones, right from our contract.
  • New rare traits could go live after launch - but if we’re at cap you can only get them by burning
  • An alternate universe of BizzarroPoops that you can only get by sending a CryptoPoop from our reality through a portal (which locks it until it “comes back through, to our reality”... and doesn’t necessarily come back unchanged)

If you’ve got ideas, we want to hear from you.

How much does this shit cost?

This project doesn't have a shitty bonding curve. Everyone poops, so poops are available for everyone.
There's a slightly cheaper tier for early adopters because they gave a shit before everyone else.

  • Number 0 - 69: Reserved for collabs, giveaways, auctions, and helpful friends of the poops.
  • Number 70 - 1337: 0.0420 ETH
  • Number 1338 - 6005: 0.0690 ETH

Where can I trade CryptoPoops?

CryptoPoops adhere to the ERC-721 standard so you can trade them on platforms like OpenSea, or anywhere else fine NFTs are sold.

How do I get started when buying NFTs?

If you want to be ready for the drop, you’ll need Ether in your wallet. If you’re new to crypto, that’s ok. This might take a while, so take a pit stop before we leave!

  • Get the MetaMask extension for Google Chrome.
  • Load it with ETH. You can also buy through services that allow you to change your money to ETH like Coinbase, RobinHood, Rainbow, or Paypal, and then send to your MetaMask wallet.
  • Finally, click the button that says “Connect your Wallet” to allow our site to know your address (just the public info, nothing insecure).
  • Then set a quantity and click buy on this site! Voila! CryptoPoops of your very own.

If you’re having trouble, please reach out to us via chat on our Discord server or DM us on Twitter @thecryptopoops, we’ll happily help you get going!

Waiting for MetaMask...
CryptoPoops - The shittiest NFTs on earth | Product Hunt
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